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>IMHO: Tomino's own F91 is a far worse rip off of the original series than

You don't "rip off" yourself -- you simply be "self-referential" or do a
bit of "cognitive parallelism"....

Seriously, I was originally a bit dismayed by the almost frame-by-frame
recreation of the opening of the original Gundam, with the three MS cutting
their way into the colony. But did you notice that there was also a riff
on the then-recent ALIENS hatch-cutting scene? And a number of other
touches that harked back to the original scene but subtly changed
them. It's actually quite clever when you take in all the ways in which it
was NOT a rehash, but a way of making the opening familiar to both old fans
and new viewers (especially those who'd just seen ALIENS).

Tomino and others spent a lot of time and effort trying to make F91 the
most detailed and definitive Gundam ever, but they only had two hours
(minus the credits) to do it in, which isn't enough. If, however, you take
the movie at its word that "This is only the beginning!" and then go on to
read CROSSBONE GUNDAM and see where Tomino takes the story thereafter,
you'll have a better appreciation for what F91 really was: a compilation of
the first two or three episodes of a Gundam series that never got made.

If there has to be a Gundam after Turn A and Tomino gets to direct, I hope
he gets a chance to do F91/Crossbone as a series....


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