Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 14:18:55 -0800

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> Criticising Anno for being nihilistic while he was the
>> one that kills off Gundam characters for breakfast just doesn't sound
>> very smart.
>Have you seen "the End of Evangelion" movie? If you can watch that and not
>he's Nihilistic...you are in denial.


So any kind of entertainment with an end-of-world-as-we-know-it kind of
apocalypse is nihilistic? Or are you just basing it straight off the
body count, since no matter how many characters Tomino killed, it cannot
top Eva's wiping off the earth's entire population ?

You also have to take into consideration about how Eva became this out-of-
control behemoth and EoE was probably Anno's reaction to the unexpected
fandom, or the up-yours to the powers that be that dictated the original
endings need to be replaced by what turned out to be the TV series' ending.

>The reason that I went from kinda liking Eva to
>hating it is that: "over pessimistic self pittying attitude" and I'm
>pretty bloody
>pessimistic myself.

The great thing about Eva is it's not afraid to show what's wrong with this
world, or, more specifically, what's wrong with people's heads. If you
can't stomach that because it hits kind of close to home, you can always
check out Pokemon or Doraemon, and pretend that God's in His Heaven, all's
right with this world. ;)

>Um, in original Gundam not that many main charas died. True Z and ZZ are blood
>baths, but in Z atleast the characters died to reinforce the horrors of
>war theme.
>What did the Charas in Eva die for?

See Roland's excellent reply.

> I was Far more moved by the deaths of Matilda in MSG, or the Death of
>Emma in Zeta,
>or the Death of Bernie in 0080, than I was any of the 2 dimensional Charas in
>---Brett Jensen

I dunno man, Tomino never really developed Matilda's character, all we know
is that we're supposed to care because Amuro has a crush on her. We don't
even really know what makes this character tick, except it feels awfully
manipulative when she bought the farm.

Oh poor Bernie. Now that's nihilistic. ;)


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