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Oopw! sent without finishing - sorry!

>BTW, as a side note, what happened to the folk who got into this list
>because of Gundam Wing the first time around? I heard the GWML is awash
>women who really don't discuss aspects of Gundam that we do. Some cases
>even trade fanfics laced with yaoi (boy love) elements.

Well, it's true. Most of the GW mailing lists are yaoi fanfic exchange
lists, with a few discussion of the show and characters.
I personally really like GW and think those boys are adorable, but the
tangents they go off on with the characters really annoy me. (Not that I
don't like yaoi elements - I like manga with yaoi elements built in, but
don't like it when people who take characters with NO yaoi elements and make
them up)

>Taking from what Mark said, where will these young people who are just
>discovering Gundam from the first time go to? Better us fans who've been
>around and know a bit more about what the entire thing is about I guess.
>Imagine the shock of a young kid getting on a GWML and seeing a Heero, Duo
>and Trowa love triangle unfold - it may just make him a Gundam hater for
>life. :)

I agree with this statement - I wouldn't want my boys exposed to websites
consisting of yaoi pictures and fanfics... it would be a total shock to
them. (I have some doujinshi given to me by a friend that I hide high in my

>Or worse yet, in the Philippines - Yu-Yu Hakushu (Poltergeist Report) male
>characters Kurama and Hiei had been said to be lovers in the manga version.

Another one where the manga/anime has no yaoi implications but fans made
them up. If anyone watched Ronin Warriors on CN, that was really big with
the yaoi crowd, too.

Like I said, I have nothing against yaoi (boy-boy love) and have lots of
manga (and a few anime even) that contain it but I sort of object to taking
regular characters and making yaoi stories as if it actually happens in the
anime... unfortunately, I think this is what turned a lot of people off to


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