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>BTW, as a side note, what happened to the folk who got into this list
>because of Gundam Wing the first time around? I heard the GWML is awash
>women who really don't discuss aspects of Gundam that we do. Some cases
>even trade fanfics laced with yaoi (boy love) elements.

Well, it's true. Most of the GW mailing lists are yaoi fanfic exchange
lists, with a few discussion of the show and characters.
I personally really like GW and think those boys are adorable, but the
tangents they go off on with the characters really annoy me. (Not that I
don't like yaoi elements - I like manga with yaoi elements built in,
>Taking from what Mark said, where will these young people who are just
>discovering Gundam from the first time go to? Better us fans who've been
>around and know a bit more about what the entire thing is about I guess.
>Imagine the shock of a young kid getting on a GWML and seeing a Heero, Duo
>and Trowa love triangle unfold - it may just make him a Gundam hater for
>life. :)
>Or worse yet, in the Philippines - Yu-Yu Hakushu (Poltergeist Report) male
>characters Kurama and Hiei had been said to be lovers in the manga version.
>Didn't happen actually - but a lot of people accept it as fact and just
>something those "weird Japanese" would do in a comic book.
>To anyone who may have been offended by this - I'm not a bigot. But I do
>acknowledge that there is homophobia out there in the world. I have a
>bisexual friend who's a real fan of UC Gundam - and if that's not
>I don't know what is. Please don't flame me... :)
> More replies:
>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>
> > Judging from the Turn A comic that's running in Comic BomBom - not
> > always the best yardstick, but there you go - this "unification" of all
> > the Gundam timelines is fairly vague and sweeping. On the theory that
> > thousand years is plenty of time for a few cycles of progress and
> > decline,
>and it actually happens. Consider the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark
>Ages that came after it as an example.
> > While we're on the subject, I get the definite impression from the
> > interviews I've seen that Tomino thinks more highly of the alternate
> > universe sequels than of the faithful UC homages, most of which are
> > simple rehashes of the original series. Turn A really seems like his
> > attempt to avail himself of the same creative freedom that the creators
> > of Wing and G Gundam enjoyed...
>Who wouldn't? Imagine if you were given creative freedom to do something -
>pesonally wouldn't want to rehash old stuff.
>I remember the topic you guys brought up before about how you would make
>next Gundam series. The one place I have yet to see Gundam go into is a
>fantasy setting like Escaflowne. Hmm. Imagine the possibilities with Nagano
>designing the mecha...
> > One last comment on this. Many months ago, a friend relayed a rumor
> > from the Japanese side that the Turn A was actually an existing Gundam
> > under a new guise. Given the latest revelations about its history (from
> > the BomBom serial), I'm developing my own suspicions as to its
>Wow. I'd love to hear more of this. What's your guess?
> > Oh, and one general comment. With the debut of Wing on U.S. television,
> > our little corner of fandom has the chance for a huge influx of
> > newcomers.
>True, but there is the chance that these fans would be too far off from how
>most of us feel about Gundam. I had the same experience with Batman and my
>appreciation of the 70s Neal Adams era with all the gothic horror stuff.
>teenage Batman fans just don't get why I like that stuff.
> > The protestations of UC-bigotry that have been cropping up on
> > this list are just plain silly. Welcome the newcomers and show them our
> > ways; I'll lay odds that fans whose first exposure to Gundam is by way
> > Wing will find lots to like in the rest of the saga.
>I have doubts about that, especially the women who'll like Gundam for
>another reason. ;P
> > For quantification, I note that site traffic on the Gundam Project has
> > more than tripled since Gundam Wing debuted on Monday. These are the
> > Gundamaniacs of tomorrow, people. Get with it or get left behind.
>True. *sigh* tis our fate as UC fans.
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