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>IMHO: Tomino's own F91 is a far worse rip off of the original series than
>How do you mean? F91 had a happy ending.

0079's ending wasn't exactly tragic either - most of the WB crew survived,
although Lalah's death was a big downer for Amuro and Char.

>F91 had those bug thingies.

Comparable to the bits - unmanned weapons, although their functions are
quite different.

>Who would be the 0079 equivalent of Belah Ronah/Cecillia Fairchild?

The closet comparison I can think of would be Sayla Mass, although Tomino
does put his own spin on the situation the character found herself in.

>Granted Zabine however you spell his last name has been compared to Char
>with an eyepatch.

Hmm, not even close. He lacks the charisma/presence and wasn't playing a
very important role in the movie. In fact I think you don't even get to
see what happened to him at the end of the movie.

>But in all seriousness they are completely different.

With the way Wing's been compared to 0079, this is probably what they'd say:

Peaceful colony get attacked by hostile space colony-based "rebels",
civilians evacuate colony, boy gets on Gundam to protect his friends, GMs
are still useless cannon fodders, boy in Gundam fights the self-appointed
"nobel" rebels, and wins the day after a major showdown with an "invincible"
MA piloted by his nemesis.

Wow, a complete 0079 ripoff! (JK!)


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