Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 13:24:57 -0800

>Look, I don't mind the similarities...I enjoyed finding them. There is
>also a lot of
>fresh ideas in wing. that's what is cool about it. It aknowledges the
>past, but
>makes it's own way toward the future.


>Gundam X on the other hand was just plagerism. ^_^


I think most people just don't bother to go through with the series.
It does introduce a few new ideas - animals capable of NewType abilities,
and the fact that there really is no NewType - just when people are ready
to declare it a 0079 rip, it turns the whole thing upside down.

>IMHO: Tomino's own F91 is a far worse rip off of the original series than

Hehe, but it was a well done ripoff of his own material and ideas.


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