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>I assume that like Taiwan, It's only legal in Singapore, since they don't
>recognize international copyright laws. They are pirate copies. If you want
>quality, I'd wait for a Japanese release which may take years, but will
>undoubtedly come. If you want a cheap, ugly, (badly) subbed copy of CCA and
>don't have any moral hangups over buying pirate copies, get the Singapore DVD.

        Speaking as a Singaporean... well.. I got a copy of CCA on VCD,
although it's in Japanese with Chinese subtitles. It doesn't have the BFC
(Board of Film Censors.. love them or hate them, they are there..) sticker,
so it isn't legal.

        But it is possible to buy VCDs and DVDs of anime here. Some are
horrible -- literally Handicam quality, or VHS master complete with
cigerette burns, etc. Others are not so bad. Almost all are produced in
Taiwan or Hong Kong, and a lot of the importers here don't send it through
BFC. The police here just doesn't crack down on them, although they do
occassionally raid stores, mainly for porn VCDs.

        I don't know the exact situation of the copyright situation, but it
must be noted that a lot of stores that sell DVDs and VCDs are simply
selling them illegally, without a proper censorship approval.

        Personally speaking, it does make it possible for anime fans here to
get access to a wide selection of anime, which is something I'm grateful for.

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