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Roland Thigpen writes,

> Ah, well perhaps it would help if it had gone on. The movie led me to believe
> differently.

  Absolutely - as filmed, it's a real mess. There was originally a big
subplot about the Crossbone Vanguard capturing a Jupiter Energy Fleet ship,
then cutting a deal with its captain and threatening the Federation with an
energy embargo if it didn't leave them alone. The whole thing got axed, and
the only vestige is a cameo appearance by the ship's captain at Karosso's
victory parade.

  After looking at the novelization and reading up on the stuff that got cut
in production, I'd have to say that the final version of F91 is just a
shadow of what it could have been. All that actually made it into the movie
is the stuff that rehashes classic Gundam; all the good stuff that actually
served to advance the UC saga was dumped.

> Well, perhaps if the novels were available in English translations easily
> accessible to me, I might form another opinion. Now if anyone knows where web
> translations might be....

  I did write up a summary of the info from the novels at one point. If you
like, I can repost it to the list...

> But you have to admit, there are alot of similarities between F91 and MSG;
> just as many as there were between Macross II and Macross.

  Oh, absolutely - maybe more! It's pretty much a retread of the original,
no argument there.

-- Mark

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