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On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 11:37:26 -0800 Mark Simmons <> wrote:
>Roland Thigpen offers a comparison of F91 to original Gundam...

>> The Federation succeeds over a colony based revolution.
> Actually, the Federation gets its ass kicked and Cosmo Babylonia remains
>independent. Not that you can tell from the abrupt ending of the movie.

Ah, well perhaps it would help if it had gone on. The movie led me to believe differently.

>> The main character's parents were responsible for developing the Gundam.
> In this case it's his mother, not his father - a motif that's repeated in
>V Gundam. :-)

Pretty much the same diff though.

>> Belah Ronan is like Char.
> Belah Ronah = Cecily. Her half-brother Dorel could be considered the Char
>to her Sayla, though he actually looks (and acts) a lot more like Garma
>Zabi. The Char clone, Zabine Chareux, isn't a blood relation to the Ronahs -
>he's actually a status-seeking upstart.

Oops, shows how long it has been since I watched it. Her father was actually the one I was thinking of. I didn't even remember her brother, but her father always reminded me of Char (just a little from MSG, but mostly from how he turns out in CCA).

> All these characters are a lot more interesting when you find out about
>their past history in Tomino's F91 novels. But from the little bit you see
>in the movie, they certainly seem like two-dimensional ripoffs of classic

Well, perhaps if the novels were available in English translations easily accessible to me, I might form another opinion. Now if anyone knows where web translations might be....

>> The final battle between
>> the Gundam and Seabook (Amuro clone) and Belah's mobile armor and Belah Ronah
>> (Char clone).
> You must be thinking of a different movie. The final battle is against
>Karosso Ronah, the iron-masked general. He's pretty much a Giren Zabi
>reincarnation - the only thing he has in common with Char is that he wears a
>helmet. I guess you could say that the Char-clone role in F91 is split three
>ways - Dorel is the long-lost brother, Zabine the scheming enemy ace, and
>Karosso gets the cool helmet.
>-- Mark

Actually, I was getting the names mixed up (see my first response above). Like I said above, his methods reminded me alot of Char towards CCA, and of course Giren Zabi mixed together.

But you have to admit, there are alot of similarities between F91 and MSG; just as many as there were between Macross II and Macross.


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