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Roland Thigpen offers a comparison of F91 to original Gundam...

> The plot line itself is very similar, and it
> ends with the destruction of the Gundam while the kids leave on lifeboats.

  Generally, yes. It would be foolish to deny that F91 is in large part a
rehash of the original series, but a lot of your points are off base...

> The Federation succeeds over a colony based revolution.

  Actually, the Federation gets its ass kicked and Cosmo Babylonia remains
independent. Not that you can tell from the abrupt ending of the movie.

> The main character's parents were responsible for developing the Gundam.

  In this case it's his mother, not his father - a motif that's repeated in
V Gundam. :-)

> Belah Ronan is like Char.

  Belah Ronah = Cecily. Her half-brother Dorel could be considered the Char
to her Sayla, though he actually looks (and acts) a lot more like Garma
Zabi. The Char clone, Zabine Chareux, isn't a blood relation to the Ronahs -
he's actually a status-seeking upstart.

  All these characters are a lot more interesting when you find out about
their past history in Tomino's F91 novels. But from the little bit you see
in the movie, they certainly seem like two-dimensional ripoffs of classic

> The final battle between
> the Gundam and Seabook (Amuro clone) and Belah's mobile armor and Belah Ronah
> (Char clone).

  You must be thinking of a different movie. The final battle is against
Karosso Ronah, the iron-masked general. He's pretty much a Giren Zabi
reincarnation - the only thing he has in common with Char is that he wears a
helmet. I guess you could say that the Char-clone role in F91 is split three
ways - Dorel is the long-lost brother, Zabine the scheming enemy ace, and
Karosso gets the cool helmet.

-- Mark

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