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Edward Ju wrote:

> Well that's your opinion. Personally I prefer the Metallica version of
> Stone Cold Crazy, since Hetfield machoed up the vocals, which was recorded
> in falsetto by Freddie Mercury, and that was a new spin that sounded better
> to my ears. It most likely have to do with which version you were exposed to
> first though, even for recordings of the same song by the same artist, I
> often find that I prefer the first I am first exposed to better.
> Eddie

Mercury sang falsetto on a lot of tracks. Not that one. I love cover versions of
songs. I buy tribute cds of Rush (which mostly sucked for vocals), Jimi Hendrix,
Stevie Ray, etc., just to hear how my favorite guitarists or vocalists or whatever
would do with a song I like. Hammett and Hetfield together are not as good guitar
players as Brian May. Steve Vai, you can hear in his music that he took lessons
from Satriani. Not Hammett. He's fast (maybe faster than May), he's accurate, but
so are many others. They added nothing to that song, clobbered the original guitar
riffs without replacing them with anything a guitar player would care to learn,
Hetfield sang like he was trying out for a role as Most Evil Sounding Metal
Vocalist in a movie... it was a waste of time. Compare that to Paul Rodgers'
tribute to Muddy Waters. You may not like any of those tracks, but at least they
were different from the originals while still being in the electric blues world.
And there are some great guitarists on that cd. Machoed up the vocals. He
monotoned them.


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