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>others, they eventually develop
> >gundams turning the tide
> >- or my favorite, you've got some mercenery types who've build
> >a/several gundam(s) and contract themselves out to the highest bidder.
> >of possibilities :P
> This is the best idea from today's pile of postings (still going through
> them...)! The mercenary scenario is almost straight out of Gundam the
> Battle Master!

As Troy Mcglure suggested in that Simpson's episode, to keep a show going,
we could have:

Magic Powers!

Wedding after wedding after wedding!

A little alien named Osmodeon that only the protagonist can see

And here are some my ideas:

Pretty Robot Gundam XXZXeta--A girl comes across a talking animal (say, a
cat) and the animal gives her the powers to transform into a short-skirted,
sailor suited robot of love and justice!

Gundam House--a boarding house in the future has some of the strangest
tenants. One of them is a young Gundam robot who is training for his exams
so he can get into a good factory. One day, a super spiffy, vulcan cannon
equipped new robot manager comes to take care of the house! The Gundam falls
in love and hi-jinx ensue.

Gundam the Conqueror--one day a giant robot falls out of the sky and lands
in front of a young boy on earth in the 11th century. With this robot he
crushes his enemies and becomes the new ruler of England. A 5 episode
series. Okay, so it's not THAT different...

Detective Gundam--In a galaxy full of crime, a kid is turned into a Gundam.
With his fellow Gundam variations, he decides to solve different crimes
across the galaxy, all the while hoping he can one day change back into a
real boy (awww...shades of Pinoch and Astro Boy)

Super Gundam Bros.: Using a variation of the Turn A model, this show boasts
two brothers who pilot different Gundams. One is fat and one is thin. They
get into different adventures with their friends Princess Zaku and
Mushroom-head Zaku.

Buffer the Gundam Slayer--a young girl causes all sorts of trouble during an
interplanetary war by sabotaging different Gundams and mobile suits ON BOTH
SIDES OF THE WAR!! Her weapon of preference is a steak in the generator (or

The ideas are limitless.



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