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>Funny I liked Bright Noah most of all the Gundam characters
>I've ever seen, and I like him even more in the English dub of
>the Gundam movies, because he's got this Australian accent.
>He didn't die for anything, but I always saw Bright standing up
>for everything that was important in the series, and that stuck
>with me I guess... but he never should have drank the coffee!

Bright was alright, but I could never find myself feeling for him. The closest I came was in the third movie (I think) when he told Mirai that he'd wait on her to make up her mind. Even then though, he just seemed to be a stuffed shirt putz to me.

>Haven't seen Evangelion all the way through, wife couldn't
>stand most of it, and I would watch it some weekend when
>she's away, but I don't think the necessary psycho-Therapy
>would be covered by my company's insurance.

Hee, hee. I do agree with a calendar I once saw that had various anime each month (I think it was a Viz calendar). One month was Eva and in big letters was the phrase, "See it. Experience it. You WILL be changed." I don't know about psycho-therapy though. Maybe my life is screwed up enough that I didn't really notice anything that off about it. Although I will admit, End of Evangelion did have its moments. Still, Neon Genesis Evangelion remains my favorite anime series. Maybe because the ADV dub's voice actors made me really feel the emotions each character was going through at any particular moment, and I found myself really identifying with each character.


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