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> ******* died to save a few people. I admit, that is a noble cause, but she
and maybe her husband (fiance? Can't remember) were about the only
characters in the original series I gave a damn about (maybe Char as well,
but that is iffy). Otherwise, out of the 9 or so Gundam series/movies I've
seen or read anything on, the only characters I could bring myself to care
for were Shiro and Aina, Camille and Four and Fa Yuri, Garoud and Tifa.

Funny I liked Bright Noah most of all the Gundam characters
I've ever seen, and I like him even more in the English dub of
the Gundam movies, because he's got this Australian accent.
He didn't die for anything, but I always saw Bright standing up
for everything that was important in the series, and that stuck
with me I guess... but he never should have drank the coffee!

> Otherwise, I could care less. At least in Evangelion, I found myself
actually caring deeply for most of the important characters, and found that
they had actual personalities, ones that I could identify with. In alot of
Gundam series, the characters just seem so wooden and stereotypical of other
> Roland

Haven't seen Evangelion all the way through, wife couldn't
stand most of it, and I would watch it some weekend when
she's away, but I don't think the necessary psycho-Therapy
would be covered by my company's insurance.


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