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>IMHO: Tomino's own F91 is a far worse rip off of the original series than
>How do you mean? F91 had a happy ending. F91 had those bug thingies. Who would be the 0079 equivalent of Belah Ronah/Cecillia Fairchild? Granted Zabine however you spell his last name has been compared to Char with an eyepatch. But in all seriousness they are completely different. Some people have said that V Gundam was more of a redo of 0079. But as I haven't actually seen any V episodes I can't really say.

Cecillia is akin to Sayla Mass. The plot line itself is very similar, and it ends with the destruction of the Gundam while the kids leave on lifeboats. The Federation succeeds over a colony based revolution. The main characters are kids drafted into the fight after discovering the Gundam. The main character's parents were responsible for developing the Gundam. The opening scene with the Crossbone Vanguard mobile suits entering the colony are similar to ones in MSG, and to those in CCA. Belah Ronan is like Char. The final battle between the Gundam and Seabook (Amuro clone) and Belah's mobile armor and Belah Ronah (Char clone). Seabook is a new type/Amuro is a newtype. Cecily is from a rich family, a family who are the leaders of a colony. Sayla and Char were from a family who were leaders of a colony. And MSG also had a fairly happy ending with most everyone important surviving.

It's got some differences, but it is as much a rehash of the original Gundam as Macross II: Lover's Again was of the original Macross.


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