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> As mentioned already, they had a long time to develop the story and used
> every second of it. However, what really turned the show around for me was
> a Waspinator quote (after being called wakko): "I'm not wakko, I'm Wonko
> The Sane!" This is a reference to an expositional character in So Long And
> Thanks for All The Fish, one which flew over the head of millions of
> American kids. When they start writing things only adults can follow, they
> started entering territory Gargoyles had already explored to great
> tby
> -

Actually ... no it wasn't =)
It was in reference to Benson "Wonko the Sane" Yee who runs and regular.
He was a "consultant" for the show, and Bob Forward and Larry Ditillio (the
writers) frequently went to him with questions regarding continuity and
I believe he's even listed in the credits, I'm not sure if its in all the
episodes or just the last one of the series.
The writers frequently used names of ATTers while writing the scripts.

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