Brett Jensen (
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 09:26:32 -0800

> I'd reserve judgement until you've seen the whole thing

True, sorry 'bout that. ^_^ A lot of people Slam G Gundam and Macross 7 without
watching the whole thing. I should try not to do that with BW.

> Heh, yes, trucks are cooler. Beast Machines does try and rectify this by
> bringing in the Vehicons, vehicle mode "bad guys" who are damned cool. The
> Vehicon toys are the _best_ transformers in years, and better than the vast
> majority of those from G1. They have a proud place on my shelf o' mecha =)

The Tankor (SP) guy looks pretty cool. is there a toy out for him yet?

BTW this is way too off topic ^_^.

---Brett Jensen

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