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>Tabby wrote:
>> I'd also mention Beast Wars/Machines, but those are Canadian.
>I know I'm sticking my neck out cause Beast Wars and transformers have a
>following but... That show is sooo simplistic. a bunch of silly animal robot
>hybrids running around shouting childish phrases and shooting each other. The
>dramatic aspects are about as deep as a kiddie pool.

As mentioned already, they had a long time to develop the story and used
every second of it. However, what really turned the show around for me was
a Waspinator quote (after being called wakko): "I'm not wakko, I'm Wonko
The Sane!" This is a reference to an expositional character in So Long And
Thanks for All The Fish, one which flew over the head of millions of
American kids. When they start writing things only adults can follow, they
started entering territory Gargoyles had already explored to great success.


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