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> I know I'm sticking my neck out cause Beast Wars and transformers have a
> following but... That show is sooo simplistic. a bunch of silly animal
> hybrids running around shouting childish phrases and shooting each other.
> dramatic aspects are about as deep as a kiddie pool.
I'm a daily reader of, so when beast wars was doing
its first run, we got posts like this all the time.
Thing is, when you got to the second and third season, BW did something G1
never did ... told a consistent and involving story line. Some really damned
cool stuff happened and the writing _did_ get better.
Still, there are some people who've watched it all and can honestly say they
don't like it, but I'd reserve judgement until you've seen the whole thing
and can see the story arc Bob and Larry (Forward and Ditillio) came up with.
It's _quite_ good, they treated G1 with a lot of respect, and sprinkled the
story G1 and A.T.T. references ("famous" people from ATT found their names
appearing in the show, since Bob and Larry read and posted to the newsgroup
.... Subsector Hooks for JHooksX, Waspinator getting whacked in the head and
thinking he was "Wonko the Sane", in reference to Benson Yee, this happened
quite a bit)

> No flame intended, I just don't get it. I mean if the robots were cooler
or the
> animation was better I could just chalk it up to fun mindless
> entertainment...but the head robot changes into a friggin monkey! Trucks
> cool, not monkeys. (IMO) ^_^
Heh, yes, trucks are cooler. Beast Machines does try and rectify this by
bringing in the Vehicons, vehicle mode "bad guys" who are damned cool. The
Vehicon toys are the _best_ transformers in years, and better than the vast
majority of those from G1. They have a proud place on my shelf o' mecha =)

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