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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> But not really that bad compared to the average Japanese fare. I don't
> watch any American cartoons now, but I did enjoy The Tick, Animaniac and
> Freakersoid a lot. Oh of course South Park too. What the Americans need
> is the courage to write a good story arc that covers 13-52 episodes like
> the Gundam of 20 years ago.

They have...sort of. Check out "Roughnecks: Starship troopers chronicles" A 3D CG
cartoon aired on BKN network affiliates and the Sci-Fi Channel. It was planned as a
40 episode serial. It's very cinematic and dramatic, with good believable
characters. It's not perfect, They still are loath to kill off main characters, and
lately they've delved too far into star-trek stupo-science. The biggest problem is
that they started showing it daily when they had only 8 non sequencial eps
completed! It's been shown out of order from the beginning! Here's a URL to a good
fan site with lots of info including air dates and Synopsi:

> If they can have that courage, they will
> probably produce something better than anything Bandai and Gainax have
> done.

Highly doubtful, mabey in another 10 years. Even Hollywood has never produced
anything better than "Wings of Honneamise" (IMO of course)

> Hmm now that I've gone a little OT again... Did anyone see Perfect Blue?
> I really love that movie.

Very good.

---Brett Jensen

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