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>Yay. BTW, did they finish Spiral Zone ever?
>They only showed up to a certain point in the Philippines - when they added
>that techno-geek and other character for the next season.

I have no idea, but damn I would like to have them toys!

>> >I'd have to my vote in for Gargoyles and the WB Batman/Superman/Beyond
>> >series. And the current Godzilla series could be far worse. I'd also
>> >mention Beast Wars/Machines, but those are Canadian.
>Godzilla is a good cartoon. Not the best, but definitely well executed.

all things considered, those cartoons are pretty good...if only they didn't
make it move so fast....

>> I liked the Superman stuff best of all.
>My heart still belongs to the old 30s Superman cartoons. No one can beat

yes, those were beautiful, nothhing like gritty animation with art deco!

..silence is the language of the heart...

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