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From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> > Does Tomino has a "beat NGE" obessesion? Seems like everything he's
> > since NGE (BP, Garasaki, Turn-A) is competing with NGE in some way.

BTW, I heard from someone that Tomino boasted that he would show something
that would beat EVA with Brain Powerd. I'm trying to confirm this. Anyone?

> Gasaraki wasn't a Tomino show - it was by his peer Ryosuke Takahashi,
> creator of Votoms, Dougram, and Layzner.

Anyway while on Gasaraki, Q: Is Anime Village a Bandai Subsidiary or not?
Gasaraki is currently being subbed for AD Vision. I was curious since
Sunrise did that series.

> As for Brain Powered, I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about
> relation to Evangelion. Taken as a whole, it really is a "response" to
> Evangelion, but not on the superficial level of cosmic catastrophe, wacky
> spirituality, and mind-blowing special effects.

But if it's beating Eva - Nadesico's done that after the release of the
Prince of Darkness Movie that catapulted it up in terms of popularity. But
Nadesico won't be the paradigm for a robot show since it's really not a true
robot show at heart. Eva is still the show to beat in that aspect.

I think the rules changed after Evangelion hit the airwaves. The 26 episode
format, Rei Wannabes and its merchandising might have given it a stamp on
otakudom that says it got there first.

If Tomino has any grudges, it's the same kind of paradigm shift his Gundam
series made - that Eva took away from him.

(After Ideon, Tomino has
> nothing to prove in this area.)

Holy cow. I was about to bring that planet-punching robot up as well for
this subject.

Rather, it's a challenge to the _real_ theme
> of Evangelion, which I'd sum up as "everybody is screwed up by their
> childhoods and can't ever get the hell over it, even if it means the end
> the world." In interviews, Tomino's expressed his horror at Eva's
> nihilistic, self-pitying message, and to the extent that Brain Powered is
> reaction to Evangelion, I'd say it's responding to this aspect of the
> series.*

Yup. The bitter taste on my mouth still lingers after watching the EVA
movie. I haven't seen Brain Powerd yet - but people have been reacting to
EVA a lot lately. Nadesico has given its answer to EVA and it did so
brilliantly. I wonder if Turn-A Gundam has anything to say.

> *Tomino claims that he started planning Brain Powered before Evangelion
> came out, but while working on the series, he saw Eva and Princess
> and admits to being somewhat influenced by both. Certainly, Mononoke's
> fairytale ecological parable seems like the sort of thing that would
> interest Tomino, but it too has a streak of fatalism - mankind and nature
> can never coexist, one must conquer the other - that's distinctly lacking
> from Tomino's newest work.

Well, you can't make something in a bubble when reaching an audience.

> Since I've only seen eight eps of Turn A, I can't yet say what its theme
> seems to be. Certainly, Brain Powered's only came together in the last few
> episodes, and Turn A is still three episodes away from its conclusion. I'm
> looking forward to seeing the completed series...

Same here.


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