Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 00:37:36 -0800

>In a way, I can see why Tomino has a "Beat Evangelion" feeling to
>himself. Whatever you say about the characters in a Tomino show, at
>least they aren't nillistic and full of BS like Anno's bunch of

If Tomino indeed made that comment, I think he's probably just sour
at the fact that Brain Powerd failed to get bigger than Evangelion,
as he hoped. Criticising Anno for being nihilistic while he was the
one that kills off Gundam characters for breakfast just doesn't sound
very smart. At least Anno is masterful enough to develop his characters
to a point where the audience cares about them, which makes their death
to have more impact. With Tomino's characters, you pretty much expect
just about everyone to die given his propensity to drop them like flies.
Tomino really can't blame anyone for not wanting to make emotional
investment in his Gundam characters later on.


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