Tabby (
Thu, 01 Jan 1998 04:07:51 -0700

>>Musha/Knight Gundam
>>So far only embodied in rare models and toys, let's admit, we'd all like to
>>see them in anime. Maybe some kind of technofuedal Earth where Europe has
>>the Knight Gundam, and Asia has the Musha Gundam. Kind of a limited
>>concept, though.
>Isn't that a rehash of G Gundam? I can imagine Knight Gundam and Musha
>squaring off in a tournament to redeem their pride ...

But that would like saying that the G-Gundam is supposed to be a samurai, I
mean, uh oh...

Yeah, G Gundam has already touched this idea, but it didn't really
incorporate the Musha/Knight alter egos all that much.


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