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>Mobile Fighter G Gundam Street Fighting Martial Arts World Tour
>Gundam Wing Guerilla Psycho Boys Sentai
>Gundam X Moon-powered Satellite Cannonster
>Do you see more dollar signs on the left column compared to the right? ;)
>As long as that trend continues, you can bet on more Gundam shows in the
>future. Evangelion's success combined with the dismal performance of
>Gundam X must have rattled Bandai/Sunrise so much that they had to go back
>to grand master Tomino for his Midas touch. It'll probably take a failure
>of Turn A and the next Gundam series before they're convinced that the
>Gundam cashcow has been milked dry, by which time they will probably really
>go back and re-animate 0079 since "OYW sells big time".

I'll admit, I agree with eddie on this one...

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