Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 9 Mar 2000 23:50:19 -0800

>This goes back to what I said about doing it "wrong". The new Psycho
>sucked, and
>I love Vince "Vegas baby, Vegas" Vaughn. It was done as an experiment to
>see if
>it could be done. Stupid reason. It was also done to a movie that was
>to begin with. Like Metallica's version of the Queen song (dammit, I
>can't come
>up with the name) that added nothing, it was no faster or harder and in fact
>sounded much worse.

Well that's your opinion. Personally I prefer the Metallica version of
Stone Cold Crazy, since Hetfield machoed up the vocals, which was recorded
in falsetto by Freddie Mercury, and that was a new spin that sounded better
to my ears. It most likely have to do with which version you were exposed to
first though, even for recordings of the same song by the same artist, I
often find that I prefer the first I am first exposed to better.


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