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> But not really that bad compared to the average Japanese fare. I don't
> watch any American cartoons now, but I did enjoy The Tick, Animaniac and
> Freakersoid a lot. Oh of course South Park too. What the Americans need
> is the courage to write a good story arc that covers 13-52 episodes like
> the Gundam of 20 years ago. If they can have that courage, they will
> probably produce something better than anything Bandai and Gainax have
> done.

I agree, I see what you mean. Yes, America could do a very a good mecha
cartoon or an action one. Mech games are very popular in America. They are
Mech Warrior III and I think the Heavy Gear 2 PC game and the Playstation
mech games. Yet, we lack some good gritty, realstic mecha shows. We are
getting a Heavy Gear cartoon next year, that's supposed to be gritty and

American creators need to get some courage and make some very good cartoons
that rival the best anime, that are mature enough that adults can enjoy. We
need a good mecha show, a good millitary show, a good sci-fi/millitary show,
a good fantasy show (magic, swords, dragons, etc.), a good cyberpunk show,

If America could kick the "cartoons are kids stuff" mental block, animatiors
could get somewhere. Then again, the animators need to prove to American
people that cartoons can be for adults OR kids and that they can be for
Adults AND kids.


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