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Thu, 9 Mar 2000 23:44:50 -0800

>I've been reading some of the threads concerning what the next Gundam series
>might be like.
>I've got a wild idea! Why not......MAKE ORIGINAL MECHA SHOWS NOT RELATED TO




>I like Gundam as much if not more than the next guy. I adore UC, love AC,
>like G, kinda like X, and haven't seen Turn A.......but enough is enough.
>I want
>a Mecha reneissance! In the early 80s we had Gundam, Dougram, VOTOMS, Macross,
>Orguss, Dunbine, Layzner, VIFAM, Southern Cross L-Gaim, Dragonar,
>Mospeada... and
>god knows what else.
>These days it's either Comedy, Shoujo or Gundam. Sure there are the occasional
>(Brilliant) Escaflownes, and (So-so) "Ehrgeiz"es. But for the most part
>and the parent company Bandai find it more profitable to just crank out Gundam
>show after Gundam show!
>What do you guys think?
>---Brett Jensen

Well, as much as I like your idea, I think the mecha shows have pretty much
ran itself into the ground. With Evangelion being the sole exception
(mainly due to its character-heavy narrative), there really hasn't been a
mecha show that sweeps fans off their feet like Macross or the original
Gundam did back in the early 80s. Most of the other shows you cited were
really "me too" mecha shows being cranked out in the wake of Gundam and
Macross. Some were good, but it's the mediocre ones that started to kill the
genre. Other than Patlabor, I can't really think of any distinguished mecha
anime between the early 80s and Evangelion (besides Gundam, of course).

Thus, it is no surprise that Bandai/Surise is hugging the Gundam franchise
like their lives depended on it. I mean, look at these alternate universe
shows and consider how they'd fare without being packaged as a Gundam show:

Mobile Fighter G Gundam Street Fighting Martial Arts World Tour

Gundam Wing Guerilla Psycho Boys Sentai

Gundam X Moon-powered Satellite Cannonster

Do you see more dollar signs on the left column compared to the right? ;)
As long as that trend continues, you can bet on more Gundam shows in the
future. Evangelion's success combined with the dismal performance of
Gundam X must have rattled Bandai/Sunrise so much that they had to go back
to grand master Tomino for his Midas touch. It'll probably take a failure
of Turn A and the next Gundam series before they're convinced that the
Gundam cashcow has been milked dry, by which time they will probably really
go back and re-animate 0079 since "OYW sells big time".


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