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> > Actually I think it's about time mecha shows retire too.
> Maybe for you, but America doesn't have any mecha shows currently, except for
> Gundam Wing. We have never had all the classic mecha shows you have. We have
> had a few of them, but the majority have never seen the light of day in
> America.

It's not a quantity question. With all the "classic" mecha shows that I
(and other Asians) have seen, most are not worth bringing back to
daylight. They were great when I was 10 and when my world was all about
capitalism vs. communism, Mig's vs. F-15, T-80 vs. Ablaham, in short the
world back then was a real life mecha show. So it's a natural the mecha
shows were in bloom. But as a 30-yr-old, I would cringe if you make me
watch those shows again. Basically, I still love Gundam, Macross, Galaxy
Express 999, that's pretty much it.

> Basically American cartoons suck, unless your 1 to 12. We have PokeMon,

But not really that bad compared to the average Japanese fare. I don't
watch any American cartoons now, but I did enjoy The Tick, Animaniac and
Freakersoid a lot. Oh of course South Park too. What the Americans need
is the courage to write a good story arc that covers 13-52 episodes like
the Gundam of 20 years ago. If they can have that courage, they will
probably produce something better than anything Bandai and Gainax have

Hmm now that I've gone a little OT again... Did anyone see Perfect Blue?
I really love that movie.

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