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Fri, 10 Mar 2000 00:26:33 -0800

> Yeah, it's about time too. Gundam has to take a rest of about two years.
> let them come up with something new, like perhaps go into cyberpunkish
> stuff, or maybe even straight into fantasy land.
That's what I'm thinking.
Couple of hundred years in the future, governments wield little actual
power, mega-corporations are the true power (hmmm sounds familiar
somehow...) and what starts out as simple economic warfare soon breaks out
into actual combat. Tanks aren't particularly useful in (large) cities, and
your average soldier is too easy to kill ... so enter the giant robot =) An
obvious evolution from your average powered armor suit.
Lots of options as to where the gundam(s) come in..
- your typical freedom fighter type people build a gundam to defend
"something" from the evil corporations
- one company is getting harried by many others, they eventually develop
gundams turning the tide
- or my favorite, you've got some mercenery types who've build themselves
a/several gundam(s) and contract themselves out to the highest bidder. Tons
of possibilities :P

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