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>My point is, we need a new Gundam show that totally redefines what Gundam
>know what I'm saying? See alot of you guys seem to be able to read Japanese
>and are from other countrys, where you've been more exposed to the various
>Gundam show. My Mecha experience is this: Voltron, Robotech, Evangelion, the
>3 MSG movies, and the first 20 episodes of Wing and that's all.

Here are some off-the-cuff possiblities for Gundam:

Mobile Suit Encounters of the Third Kind
Humans begin exploring the outer planets or even other systems, and run
across aliens. Hilarity ensues as two different factions are themselves
with alien technology they don't understand. Kind of Gundam-meets-Ideon.
Doomed to an inevitable ending where neither side really understands what
the aliens wanted, and have thier ambitions swept aside for the alien agenda.

Cyberpunk Gundam
High-tech criminal activity and class warfare isolated in an overpopulated
colony/group of colonies. MSs might be a little LARGE for this sort of
thing though, maybe they could be designed a little smaller (say,
labor-sized). Unfortunately, while robot shows might be in dark age right
now, cyberpunk anime has already come and gone as a genre.

Musha/Knight Gundam
So far only embodied in rare models and toys, let's admit, we'd all like to
see them in anime. Maybe some kind of technofuedal Earth where Europe has
the Knight Gundam, and Asia has the Musha Gundam. Kind of a limited
concept, though.

Cima's Slammers
Straight, no-holds-barred UC military adventure, without the dramatic,
non-military stories that support regular Gundam shows. Good for at least
one OVA (go Kondo!).

Mazinger vs Devilman vs Gundam
I don't think we have to think too hard about this one.

Super Gundam
Gundam cast in an Artmic/AIC super robot revival (Dangaioh, Le Deus,
Zeorymer), where it's one of only a handfuel of cutting-edge-tech robots to
built for a single conspiracy. This could be fun, but it would really only
be picking the bones of previous shows like Wing or G-Gundam.

That's all I can think of right now.


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