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Thu, 9 Mar 2000 23:11:03 -0800

>How about this. Earth colonizes near orbit. Colonies rebel against Earth's
>strict governing of them. Earth suppresses resistance. War is declared.
>Mobile suits are being used by the stronger side in this conflict. The
>loosing side creates Gundams and takes the war to the other side. The side
>with the Gundams start to win. The side without the Gundams builds their own
>version of Gundams, only to late to make any real difference. Orbital
>disaster ensues, with heavy consequences for the Earth.

Dude, this vague description could apply to over half of the Gundam series
out there. Does that make them all rehashes of 0079? Besides, the Zeons
didn't build their own version of Gundams in 0079, and the "heavy
consequences for the earth" was mentioned in passing before the show even
started, whereas in Wing it was placed in the grand finale.

>Oh, and some of the main characters in Wing look the same as characters in
>the original series, and are in the same roles serving the same purpose.

So who did I miss other than Zechs...? Relena wasn't exactly a Sayla Mass
clone if you ask me. As for looking the same as characters from the original
series, I kinda doubt that. One thing that really turned me off Wing
initially was the characters' appearance. It just didn't have that smooth
and savvy touch of Yaz.


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