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> I like Gundam as much if not more than the next guy. I adore UC, love AC,
> really
> like G, kinda like X, and haven't seen Turn A.......but enough is enough.
> want
> a Mecha reneissance! In the early 80s we had Gundam, Dougram, VOTOMS,
> Macross,
> Orguss, Dunbine, Layzner, VIFAM, Southern Cross L-Gaim, Dragonar,
> and
> god knows what else.
> These days it's either Comedy, Shoujo or Gundam. Sure there are the
> occasional
> (Brilliant) Escaflownes, and (So-so) "Ehrgeiz"es. But for the most part
> Sunrise
> and the parent company Bandai find it more profitable to just crank out
> Gundam
> show after Gundam show!
> What do you guys think?

I want more Escaflowne, with better model kits and some good action figures
to go with it. While I haven't seen Dunbine, a new Dunbine show would be
good. Yeah we need a Mecha Reneissance, but we also need a mecha invasion in
the US! I mean, what do we have other then Gundam Wing in the US?

My point is, we need a new Gundam show that totally redefines what Gundam is,
know what I'm saying? See alot of you guys seem to be able to read Japanese
and are from other countrys, where you've been more exposed to the various
Gundam show. My Mecha experience is this: Voltron, Robotech, Evangelion, the
3 MSG movies, and the first 20 episodes of Wing and that's all.

I guess what I am trying to say is, Japan needs a Mecha Reneissance and
America needs a Mecha Invasion. America may get a mecha invasion if Wing gets
popular enough. Like the PokeMon clones that where imported as American dubs
on TV, I'm sure other companies will import older and newer mecha shows to
compete with Wing, so they can try to get in on the action.

That's all my mecha experince. While that's all I've seen, from reading the
various reviews and info. on Gundam on the Internet, I get the main ideas of
what Gundam is. I get the feeling that each UC Gundam show is similar to each
other and that Gundam needs freshend up.

All that said, I think that Gundam has been used too much and that there's
not enough mecha shows in Japan right now. We need new mecha shows, Gundam
needs some good competition.

Why is it that there's not very many new, good mecha shows in Japan right
now? Is the mecha genre drying up? I sure hope its not.


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