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>At 06:43 PM 3/9/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>>Hi There,
>>> I am new to the list and was wondering if anyone could answer the
>>>following question:
>>>Where can i get hold of subtitled (english) copies of: MS Gundam, 0083,
>>>08th MS Team, Zeta, & ZZ Gundam on DVD or VCD?
>>Bandai just started releasing 0083 on DVD in Japan, which has an English
>>soundtrack in addition to the original Japanese soundtrack. You will need
>>a DVD player that can play Japanese region discs in order to watch it.
>>You can order the DVD throug
>So there's an english DUBBED soundtrack as well as Japanese?

Yeah, they probably just used the dubbed soundtrack AnimeVillage did,
since it was available...

>Me thinks I shall spring for the DVD finally if so...

You'll probably have to get a modified DVD player - the ones you can get
from regular consumer electronics stores have territorial lockout, which
will prevent you from watching discs made for non-North America regions
(namely Japan). If you buy a Japanese DVD player, you won't be able to
watch American discs. Only a modded DVD player that removes the region
check gives you the best of both worlds, but modded DVD players usually
means the original manufacturer's warranty is void...


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