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Brett Jensen wrote:
> I've got a wild idea! Why not......MAKE ORIGINAL MECHA SHOWS NOT RELATED TO

Not so wild. It's about time Gundam retires.

> a Mecha reneissance! In the early 80s we had Gundam, Dougram, VOTOMS, Macross,
> Orguss, Dunbine, Layzner, VIFAM, Southern Cross L-Gaim, Dragonar, Mospeada... and
> god knows what else.

Actually I think it's about time mecha shows retire too.

> These days it's either Comedy, Shoujo or Gundam. Sure there are the occasional
> (Brilliant) Escaflownes, and (So-so) "Ehrgeiz"es. But for the most part Sunrise
> and the parent company Bandai find it more profitable to just crank out Gundam
> show after Gundam show!

For Scifi shows, I think the trend is well set in the cyberpunks, I think
the worlds set up by Masamune Shirow and Bubblegum Crisis is the way to
go. It makes sense if you remember the 70s and 80s were about the moon
race, space shuttle, cold war, Toyota robots etc etc. So you have mecha
shows with one side (good guy = USA/Japan) against another side (evil
empire = USSR/China). The 90s and 00s are about the net, hackers, virtual
reality, genetic manipulation, cloning. The conflicts is between
individual free-thinkers and mega-commercial-political-conglomerates.

I am happy enough leaving Gundam and the mecha genre the way it is. The
only recent mechas that catch my eyes are small ones like the Bonaparte
tank, Fuchikomas and the BGC suits, ie supporting roles in the cyberpunk
stories. Let's move on.

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