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>These days it's either Comedy, Shoujo or Gundam. Sure there are the
>(Brilliant) Escaflownes, and (So-so) "Ehrgeiz"es. But for the most part
>and the parent company Bandai find it more profitable to just crank out
>show after Gundam show!
>What do you guys think?
>---Brett Jensen

Well, the Bandai/Sunrise emphasis on Gundam over other robot shows is that
it's popularity carried it through an apparent slump in the robot genre
during the late-80s/early-90s. Sure, Escaflowne and Evangelion have been
unqualified successes, but (at least among U.S. fans), they're seen as new
genre of fantasy robots, not a continuation of the genre that created
Dunbine (Escaflowne), or Mazinger (Evangelion). Macross is being kept alive
along similar lines: it worked before, it should work now.

Nontheless, modern robot shows are becoming much, ((much)) more
imaginative, leaving behind the straight science fiction embodied by so
many 80s robot shows (Macross, Gundam, VOTOMS, Layzner, Dougram, Xabungle,
Ideon, Dragonar, Dorvack, Galient, et-cetera, et-cetera)(yes, Galient is
sci-fi). It used to be robot shows were either super robots or real
(sci-fi) robots, with only the occasional exceptions like Dunbine or
Orguss. Nowadays, newer robot shows can more often be traced back to
unsusual or surreal shows like Dunbine & Orguss, rather than the old the
sci-fi war stories of the 80s. Bandai is inching toward these
turn-o'the-millenium stories, but it'll be really hard to for them to give
up on a reliable old workhorse like Gundam.


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