Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 9 Mar 2000 22:26:23 -0800

>The ending for one shares certain aspects with CCA.

Yeah, but CCA is not The Original Series/0079.

>There are lots of little things; like Zechs' conversation via video with
>Treize in
>episode 2 about losing 3 Leos is similar in many ways to a conversation
>Char had in
>one of the first few episodes, about losing 3 Zakus.

Hmm, that's a good one, but the story is about the 5 G boys being specially
trained and sent by the colonies to wage guerilla warfare on the oppressive
forces from earth, for me it was a far cry of a bunch of civilians being
dragged into war, which was what 0079 was. The White Base crew eventually
becomes one big happy family, but you don't see that happening with Wing,
where the only thing constant was change, and Wufei has been a lone wolf
from beginning to end, never really becoming part of the gang.

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> Excuse me? Wing a rehash of TOS? Other than Zechs being
>> a Char wanna-be, complete with a sister and an aristocratic
>> family background and revenge on his agenda, what else was
>> ripped from 0079?
>Isn't that enough? ^_^
>---Brett Jensen

Still not convinced. :) I'll give you that Zechs is a carbon copy of
Char, but apart from everything that has to do with Zechs, I don't see
much of anything else. Not to mention that Noin didn't die a tragic
death or has mentally cheated on Zechs the way Lalah was. ;)


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