Brett Jensen (
Thu, 09 Mar 2000 21:59:33 -0800

I've been reading some of the threads concerning what the next Gundam series
might be like.

I've got a wild idea! Why not......MAKE ORIGINAL MECHA SHOWS NOT RELATED TO

I like Gundam as much if not more than the next guy. I adore UC, love AC, really
like G, kinda like X, and haven't seen Turn A.......but enough is enough. I want
a Mecha reneissance! In the early 80s we had Gundam, Dougram, VOTOMS, Macross,
Orguss, Dunbine, Layzner, VIFAM, Southern Cross L-Gaim, Dragonar, Mospeada... and
god knows what else.

These days it's either Comedy, Shoujo or Gundam. Sure there are the occasional
(Brilliant) Escaflownes, and (So-so) "Ehrgeiz"es. But for the most part Sunrise
and the parent company Bandai find it more profitable to just crank out Gundam
show after Gundam show!

What do you guys think?

---Brett Jensen

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