Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 9 Mar 2000 21:53:50 -0800

> Hola: Since I'm new on this GUNDAM stuff and there's a hell of
>sequels/versions I need some help to understand the whole thing. Where I
>can get a BRIEF summary of each series, with the order they have on the
>GUNDAM timeline. I'll search for episodes list/summaries later, once I
>absorbed all the GUNDAM data. The only one I'll be needing now is the GW
>series episodes summary, in order to know what eps I've already tapped and
>what I'm missing. BTW, is the GW series going to be released on DVD??
>Thanks in advance JMRV

Que tal, I think www.gundamproject.com has all the info and links you'll need.
GW just started this Monday, first uncut episode was on CC early Tuesday
morning at 12:00AM. If you've been taping since 5:30PM on Monday or early
Tuesday morning, you didn't miss any episode.


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