Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 9 Mar 2000 21:51:41 -0800

>There have been a discussion before about re-animating the original gundam
>series. I personally love the original series and can't stop buying all the
>related merchandises.

Boy, I hope you ain't as broke as I am. :)

>Seeing the animations in Char's Counterattack
>playstation game, I see a strong possibility that they could bring the old
>series with today's animation standards.

It's one thing to reanimate a couple of scenes for a videogame, but to re-
animate the entire original TV series is quite an undertaking. Most new
anime made for broadcast TV in Japan are still not that good, in case you
think everything anime is of OVA quality these days. The original TV series
has been in syndication on Japanese broadcast TV for years and Sunrise
probably doesn't feel the need to fix what wasn't broken. Japanese kids
have been watching the same re-runs since the early 80s, we feel a greater
need to reanimate the series here because Gundam hasn't been properly
introduced for the most areas outside of Asia.

>I know there's a risk factor here
>because by re-animating the whole series could ruin the whole atmosphere of
>the show. And that consequently could destroy the strong fanbase that
>Sunrise and Bandai worked so hard to preserve. I mean just look at the OYW
>merchandises they pump out each year. OYW series sells big time.

What would really rule is not a re-animation but a retelling of the 0079
saga that includes all the characters and mechas from MSV, Blue Destiny,
and all the misc. side stories that's been piling up, kind of like
Giren's Greed, the anime!


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