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Thu, 09 Mar 2000 21:53:01 -0800

Serious comment, people.

Let's give the little snot nosed brat his due. Unlike Shinji and
Company from Evangelion, at least Camile wasn't barely over catatonia.
Camile saw his mom killed right in front of his eyes and had to kill his
own father-in comparsion, Shinji had it easy-Dad just hates him and
Mom's well....wherever Mom went.

In a way, I can see why Tomino has a "Beat Evangelion" feeling to
himself. Whatever you say about the characters in a Tomino show, at
least they aren't nillistic and full of BS like Anno's bunch of
nutballs. In fact-the only two series that were made by GAINAX that
didn't have the "bunch of co-dependent idiots"(my roommate's comment on
Evangelion, after only three episodes). had, well, something to the same

I'm betting we're seeing a backlash against Evangelion from people like
Tomino-they looked at Evangelion and were horrified at what the story
told. I'm looking at Brain Powered, and despite the fact that many of
the characters(in just two episodes) are nuts and need to be committed,
they're better adjusted than anyone in Evangelion. And, more
optimistic, too. And, well, more hopeful.


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