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> I suspect a sucessful new branch for the Gundam franchise would have to
> involve a new storyteller with a brand new story. Who or what that might
> be, I can't venture a guess. But I think if Tomino's stories and themes are
> pushed any further, they'll begin to lose thier poignancy and become

Yes, I agree. I really mean didn't that a new Gundam series HAD to be by
Tomino. Because like you say, Tomino's themes could become cliche. I would
like to see a totally new take on Gundam and see Gundam go in an entirely new

I think aliens should be introduced into Gundam. See two human factions could
exist and each faction could be backed by an alien faction. I.E. a
Human/Alien "good" faction vs. a Human/Alien "bad" faction. It could
introduce aliens, while keeping the human vs. human conflict.


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