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> Having only seen Zeta 1-20 and the last couple of episodes I'm
> looking for a
> little info:
> What/who are the Jupiter energy fleet?

A lot of these questions are answered in the manga series Crossbones Gundam.
Basically Jupiter Energy Fleet are these really really large cargo ship that
travels between Earth Sphere and Jupiter. At the Jupiter, there are a
series of colony cylinders where He3 gas are being mined from Jupiter. Life
is very very hard. Since He3 is the fuel that powered the entire solar
system, they basically have an monopoly on the energy supply of the whole
solar system.

> What sort of colonies, if any, are supported around Jupiter and
> it's moons?

interconnected. There are a huge difference, of course. The light and
energy is probably entirely derived from the fusion engine, instead of
coming from the sun. Jupiter only gets 1/1000 of light that Earth gets, and
if they are going to rely on the sun, they'd freeze to death. Fortunately,
there isn't a shortage of fuel...

> Why is Scirocco called the man from Jupiter (aside from the obvious)?

Why, he was the captain of the last Jupiter transport to arrive in the Earth
system just prior to the Grips conflict, which actually stopped all
shipping. The 2 reasons are: it's not exactly safe to be traveling when
Titans and Axis were gassing colony and doing colony drops. Second, at that
moment, the Earth Sphere actually have a excessive amount of He3, so there
is really to risk the long voyage.

> What is his affiliation? other than wanting to kill Camille.

His affiliation? Why, to himself of course. Scirocco's dream is to create
a Newtype dominated Earth Sphere Empire, headed by a Newtype Empress, with
him pulling the strings from behind the scene. He isn't exactly shy or
discreet when discussing his dream with his women.

> Any other relevant Jupiter info would be good too.

Sure, a refurbish version of Scirocco's ship Jupitoris II took off on it's 5
year mission towards Jupiter at the end of the Grips conflict (actually
after the end of ZZ). Newtype pilot Judo Ashita went along for the ride.

By the time F91 came around, the population of perminent Jupiter colonies
have reach a point where they were able to make a nation out of. It's still
probably the smallest nation in the Solar System, but it is one of the
richest. They seemed to be the behind the scene backing of various faction
after CCA. Crossbones Vanguards were able to utilize the threat of a He3
blockade to belay Federation Force's fleet in coming to Frontier Side's aid.
And ALL of the Zanzacare Empire's ship's class name are that of Jupiter's
moon. Makes you wonder who actually pays for Zanzacare's tremedious
military buildup in such short amount of time.

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