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>Which makes me think about this, what direction will Gundam go in after Turn
>A? Its almost a given that another Gundam show will be made after Turn A
>finishes with a one or more new Gundam's. Does anyone have any idea what a
>new Gundam would be about?

I've always thought the background UC stories were a strong theme (0080,
0083, 08th MS), but I think to continue that they'd have to move into Zeta
or ZZ, territory, like a Kalaba sidestory or a prequel to CCA (kind of like
0083 establishing elements of Zeta). There are unanimated, if questionable
parts or the UC timeline, like Flash of Hathaway or Sentinel, but I thing
animating either of those would be a step backwards. Likewise, I think
Tomino has accomplished what he wanted to do in Gaia Gear with Turn A.

An obvious new element would be introduce aliens, but in order to follow
the general theme of Gundam, it would have to humans fighting amongst
themselves after or while they make first contact.

>I assume Gundam will continue after Turn A, won't it? While its almost a
>given a new Gundam show will be made, there's always a chance Gundam can
>that's why I ask this last question.

I don't know if "after Turn A" is really possible, but it's still possible
to flesh out the previous stories or generate new ones. One off-the-wall
possibility would be the reanimation of older series (as mentioned in
another thread), which, if done patiently and faithfully, could keep the
original series going forever.

I see one major limiting factor with new directions in Gundam: absence of
Tomino's influence. I suspect Tomino has worked hard to keep coming up with
new ideas for Gundam, but I think he's reached his limits, and I'm pretty
sure he knows that. Likewise, the theme of new frontiers bringing conflict
has simply come to fruition. It's been done as a classic war story(UC), an
underground war(Wing), and a videogame adaption(no disrespect meant for the
G Gundam fans). This story has been told, it's time for new one.

I suspect a sucessful new branch for the Gundam franchise would have to
involve a new storyteller with a brand new story. Who or what that might
be, I can't venture a guess. But I think if Tomino's stories and themes are
pushed any further, they'll begin to lose thier poignancy and become cliche'.


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