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> How about this. Earth colonizes near orbit. Colonies rebel against Earth's
> strict governing of them. Earth suppresses resistance. War is declared.
> Mobile suits are being used by the stronger side in this conflict. The
> loosing side creates Gundams and takes the war to the other side. The side
> with the Gundams start to win. The side without the Gundams builds their
> version of Gundams, only to late to make any real difference. Orbital
> disaster ensues, with heavy consequences for the Earth.
> Oh, and some of the main characters in Wing look the same as characters in
> the original series, and are in the same roles serving the same purpose.

Your excatly right. I noticed those similarites between Wing and MSG too,
even though I have only seen the MSG movies. Zechs reminds me a lot of Char
and Quattre reminds of Amuro. Quattre apologizes for killing people and is
quiet and wants peace, which is similar to Amuro.

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