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>>but g wing IS a rehash of old stuff, even moreso than
>>the UC followups -- TOS, to be precise. some would
>>say it's a rip-off of 0079. and that's a big reason
>>why many oldschool fans despise wing.
>Excuse me? Wing a rehash of TOS? Other than Zechs being
>a Char wanna-be, complete with a sister and an aristocratic
>family background and revenge on his agenda, what else was
>ripped from 0079? The show could be called Guerilla Psycho
>Boys and be ripping stuff from shows from other genres, but
>I don't see any other parallels to 0079. Mind pointing
>them out?

1) basic lead characters are of the same age. In fact, if you put all the
gboys together, you might make a gestalt that kinda comes close to what
amuro rei was.

2) the basic problem of earth vs. colonies.

3) the political double-crossing.

4) the use of feudal title names.

5) the use of european historical-style costumes.

6) having mecha around.

7) having something dropping onto the earth, be it a colony, asteroid or a
big space station.

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