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> Excuse me? Wing a rehash of TOS? Other than Zechs being
> a Char wanna-be, complete with a sister and an aristocratic
> family background and revenge on his agenda, what else was
> ripped from 0079? The show could be called Guerilla Psycho
> Boys and be ripping stuff from shows from other genres, but
> I don't see any other parallels to 0079. Mind pointing
> them out?

How about this. Earth colonizes near orbit. Colonies rebel against Earth's
strict governing of them. Earth suppresses resistance. War is declared.
Mobile suits are being used by the stronger side in this conflict. The
loosing side creates Gundams and takes the war to the other side. The side
with the Gundams start to win. The side without the Gundams builds their own
version of Gundams, only to late to make any real difference. Orbital
disaster ensues, with heavy consequences for the Earth.

Oh, and some of the main characters in Wing look the same as characters in
the original series, and are in the same roles serving the same purpose.


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