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>Kev K wrote:
>> There have been a discussion before about re-animating the original gundam
>> series. I personally love the original series and can't stop buying all the
>> related merchandises. Seeing the animations in Char's Counterattack
>> playstation game, I see a strong possibility that they could bring the old
>> series with today's animation standards. I know there's a risk factor here
>> because by re-animating the whole series could ruin the whole atmosphere of
>> the show. And that consequently could destroy the strong fanbase that
>> Sunrise and Bandai worked so hard to preserve. I mean just look at the OYW
>> merchandises they pump out each year. OYW series sells big time.
>If they're willing to basically rebox older model kits under new art, having
>almost nothing new to add, as has been the complaints by some, what's to stop
>them from finding a way to score with re-releasing the old series with new
>animation to appeal to the "Does it look as cool as Ghost In The Shell?"
>crowd? I'd do it. Shot for shot, line for line.

I dunno, there are all those HGUC kits....

To be honest, I think any revision of the old UC series would be an OVA
venture, rather than a reedit of the episodes/movies with new material
thrown in. OVAs covering MS Gundam, for instance, could basically re-tell
the movie version, while including material ommitted from the films (such
as, I belive, the Black Trinary?). Also, an OVAUC series could contain
entries for Zeta and ZZ as well.

One thing to consider is that over the last 30 years, there's not just been
an improvement in animation quality, but also in the basic ((standards)) of
what constitues low, median, and high quality anime. I recently watched
several episodes of the old Getta Robo G back-back with episodes of Shin
Getter, and while the basic animation of the new series was drastically
improved, the same robots from the series two decades ago look just as
good, and almost unchanged in the new animation. If you don't think
animation standards have risen that drasitcally, consider that a new
Vampire Hunter D film has been made, due in large part to the fact that the
animation for the popular original D couldn't properly reflect the
creator's paintings.

So, would you buy a 6-8 episode OVA 200X remake of MS Gundam? I sure would.


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