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>> Lots of anime fans, American and Japanese, do cosplay(dress up as anime
>> characters at conventions). What's different about that then dressing up
as a
>> Klingon? I m no Trekkie, but there's no difference. Some fans of
anything go
>> crazy over this stuff.
>That's exactly my point. They are too concerned about the worthless
details (the
>display in engineering was never *that* color/the uniforms are
single-seamed, not
>double, dumbass/etc.) and don't look at the product as a whole. We have a
>of artists here who are young and, well, geeky. They recently went on an
>hourlong conversation about which was more realistic, Star Wars or Star Trek.
>Are you shitting me? They both are far far away from any realism. This
is what
>I meant about a straight answer. They are almost incapable of separating
>from reality. They won't admit that it's "just a movie" or whatever. I
went to
>go see Star Trek III at the Cinerama Dome and there were these two clowns in
>front of me talking about how we could build a warpdrive right now (circa
>whatever year that movie came out), it really works, etc. When you get to
>point that some of those guys get then it turns into a religion, the
fanatics are
>so obsessed with "the future" or how cool it would be to live in that
>that they give up on the now, all the thousands of cool and wonderful
things that
>are going on around them. I have no time for that crap. I really like
Star Trek
>and Gundam and Star Wars and such but I'm not going to dedicate my life to
>I'm not going to turn down a date with a girl who should be in Playboy
>that's the night of the two hour finale of the Voyager season or anything
>like that.
>I did not mean to imply that the separate act of trying your hand at
recreating a
>costume or outfit equals fanaticism, by the way. I meant the hardcores
out there
>that are ready to name their first born after a great Klingon warrior or
>something equally spastic.

Although I have a fanatical love for gundam, I refuse to let it ruin my
real life. Even though it's being shown on TV here, I have no qualms at
all of just renting the episodes, precisely because I dn't like the idea of
disrupting my daysked just for a tv show wich probably has better
translations in rented copies. Neither do I bother too much about
believeing if it could be real. It's a cartoon for heaven's sake, and
while I acknowledge that the base technology for SOME of it is possible,
the level of tech in gundam is...fantasy. Why waste time arguing if it can
be done or not? it's a cartoon, it's sci-fi, fi as in fiction. sure, it
has extrapolations of real-life tech, but we should just take it as ooh and

As for cosplay...I like it when someone can come up with a damn good
costume and look good in it. BUT, when they start naming their kids after
favorite cartoon characters...eeek.

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