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>> I'm not going to turn down a date with a girl who should be in Playboy
>> because
>> that's the night of the two hour finale of the Voyager season or anything
>> idiotic
>> like that.
>I understand exactly what you are saying. I have favorite TV shows I don't
>like to miss, but its no big deal if I do miss and don't let it mess up my
>life because of it. That's why I have a VCR. I mean, people like you
>are crazy. Miss a date because of a 2 hour Voyager finale. That's just plain
>dumb, I mean, don't they have a VCR :) I have hobbies, but am not obsessed
>with them.

very true. I sometimes wonder why some people get so caught up in the
world of Gundam. It's a nice series, yes, deserving of fan loyalty, but
obsession? I think that's taking the characters of gundam too deep into
your heart.

..silence is the language of the heart...

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